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Monday, January 7, 2013

1080 Media has been lucky enough to be selected for several substantial web projects lately. This windfall of projects has not only kept us busy, but through word of mouth from satisfied clients, has generated a slew of quote requests for projects of the same nature. The subject matter of the three largest projects – online customization. 1080 clients have requested websites that provide online customization of existing products, with live previews, edit ability  and high resolution  file creation rivaling magazine quality artwork suitable for framing. Yes, it’s a niche that we have carved out for ourselves. You would think that the application would be limited for this service, but when you look a little deeper, you will notice that this service applies to way more than you thought… maybe even something sold by your company.

Intuitive sites that can handle product fulfillment, while answering questions about what product will best suit the customers needs on the fly. Sites that can tie into existing sales software at the register level, adding appointments, accessing online cameras to show work being done in the bay area and adding interaction between the technician and the customer, eliminating wait time and increasing on-time delivery. Adding mobile phone apps that tie into the main website, adding functionality while your customers are on the go, always keeping them in the loop. We can add a customized game to the app, which will exponentially increase your branding efforts by keeping your app and logo in front of the potential/existing customers for long periods of time.

If you can think of an app that makes sense, chances are that 1080 media’s design team can produce the app, right here in the Mahoning County, with a real person to talk to during the entire creative process. Not “Peggy” in India. Chances are that if another agency in town offers you a mobile app, they are farming it out, and chances are even greater still that the work is being done far from the U.S.


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